Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IM Buzz Affiliate Program

From: Calvin Woon & Jonathan Teng (IM Buzz Creators)
Date: Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dear Future Partner,

Are you frustrated with the measly commissions you're earning each month?

Have you been hopping from promoting one affiliate product to another because you've struggled to make even one affiliate sale?

If that is you, we have good news as you're about to discover the secrets to skyrocket your affiliate commissions.

See, there are a few criteria you have to evaluate when considering if an affiliate program will make you money. And they are as follows:

No 1. The company has to offer high quality and in-demand products.

No 2. The company has to offer high commissions for its affiliate program. Ideally, they are paid out instantly or recurring.

No 3. The company has to offer reliable customer and affiliate support

No 4. The company has to provide quality affiliate promotional tools and regular affiliate training

If you're still looking for an affiliate program which fulfils all the above criteria, look no further.

When you join the IM Buzz Affiliate Program today, you will gain instant access to:

A complete affiliate center which allows you to promote a huge range of top-notch & high-converting internet marketing products. (Click here to view testimonials for all our products!)
Advanced notifications & early access to our future product launches
Chance to earn really lucrative commissions on all our products (many paying out INSTANT or RECURRING commissions!)
Opportunity to win attractive prizes in our referrals/sales contests
Gain instant credibility & recognition as we give mention to our top-performing affiliates each month (priceless!)
Wide array of world-class affiliate promotional tools to skyrocket your affiliate commissions (we do all the work and you reap the rewards!)
Exclusive affiliate training materials included in the training center designed to help propel you towards super affiliate status (we also have a 10-day step-by-step training course to help you earn your first affiliate commission!)

And much much more!

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